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Cat Vang Restaurant

From ancient times until now eating is one of the essential needs of man. Life is increasingly modern, comfortable, eating not only meet the needs but also the art enjoy. With the desire to meet the needs of enjoying more and more sophisticated cuisine, Cat Vang Restaurant has been formed and become increasingly popular destination of many people.
Coming to Cat Vang Restaurant, diners will be conquered by a very large campus, in a luxurious and intimate space, with an extremely unique architecture that can accommodate up to hundreds of guests.
The restaurant specializes in serving specialties from all regions of the country by experienced chefs themselves.
With a very rich menu, the dishes at Cat Vang Restaurant are made from the freshest ingredients, making the customers satisfied and assured of the quality of the food.
Besides enjoying delicious food, customers come to Cat Vang Restaurant will be immersed in the melodious melody of music, contributing to bring romantic space for your meal is complete.
The staff at Cat Vang Restaurant has a very personal style, always smiling, attentive to guests, dedicated service always kept culture, courtesy.
Try once to Golden Sand and experience it with us!
Pleased to serve you!


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