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Directly under the Quang Ngai Tourism Joint Stock Company, Sa Huynh - Sa Huynh Beach Resort is a 3 star hotel and bungalow complex located on QL.1A and Sa Huynh Beach.
With curved crescent shaped curves, stretching up to five or six kilometers, the undersea floor, with no reefs, is the ideal beach for guests to relax, play and bathe. In addition, Sa Huynh is also known as the salt bowl of the Central, besides the scenic rocky Chau Me, Bau Nu, Monkey Island ... with wild nature, romantic, suitable for The trip is located at the southernmost tip of Quang Ngai Province, in Duc Pho District, about 60 km from the provincial town. Sa Huynh beach lies close to National Highway 1A, at 985 km, there is Sa Huynh train station, so from Hanoi to or from Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can stop here at this very convenient. Sa Huynh places must be written strictly as Tsar, meaning golden sand. Indeed, the color of the sand here is not as white as elsewhere but has a beautiful yellowish shade of yellow. The reason, must write Sa Huynh, because the word "Hoang" same name Lord Nguyen Hoang Nguyen.


Sa Huynh is known as an archaeological site with "Sa Huynh Culture". In the early 20th century, French archaeologists like Vinet, Labare, Colani discovered in Sa Huynh mass m
The jars and many artifacts representing the ancient culture are hidden under the ground through long history. The excavation results are studied and concluded, strips of land pass
Up to Dong Nai (South) to the Central Highlands, from the early brass until the iron age where present a unique culture of humanity and is identified by the concept of "Sa Huynh culture" '. The Ma Vuong mound, mound Chicken ... are places with many vestiges of Cham culture, has long attracted many visitors to visit and study. Sa Huynh has gone into the history of the country, where more than 500 years ago. To Sa Huynh is not lacking in local seafood products are very delicious and unique, but most famous is the Cua Huynh De and Salted fish (type Sauce used to advance the Nguyen Dynasty)



Located at Quang Ngai Tourism Joint Stock Company, Sa Huynh - Sahuynh Beach Resort is a 3 star hotel and bungalow complex, which is an ideal resort with an area of ​​52 hectares, running along the coast. Smooth white sand, stretching for miles, surrounded by green poplar forest with fresh air.
Sahuynh Beach Resort has built a complete system of restaurants, bungalows along the beach, Spa .. standard 3 ***, and is continuing to build sea games, children play area. Sa Huynh Resort has more than 600 standard meeting rooms and 2 restaurant systems with a capacity of over 1,000 guests. (Restaurants with over 700 restaurants - over 300 seafood restaurants), airy, spacious, Polite to serve for conferences, wedding parties, festival summaries, birthdays, ...

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