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Instead of a deep gratitude to customers who have been and will support Quang Ngai Tourism Joint Stock Company, we would like to send our customers a series of "PROMOTION OF APRIL + 5" at Sa Resort Huynh - One of 3 business locations of Quang Ngai Tourism Joint Stock Company.

Let's leave behind the chaos of work, forget the noise of the town, to relax and feel the immensity of the sea, enjoy the fresh seafood and countless special sauces at Sa Huynh Tourist Area

There are moments that exist only once but follow us throughout life. And the "wedding" is one of those sacred moments. Weddings - happy days to flourish, is the start of a happy couple life.

Coming to Sa Huynh Beach Resort on October 20, you will spend the best moments for your beloved women with the Gala party "Send respect and love"

In order to bring the latest and most exciting experiences when staying at Sa Huynh Beach Resort, Bedroom Promotions for retail and family guests at the end of 2018

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