Phu Tho Mountain is also known as Thach Son or Da Den Mountain and Co Luy she is a famous landmark from ancient times, 10km east of Quang Ngai City, created by nature and humans. Phu Tho Mountain is 60m high, about 8ha wide, on the mountain is a complex of temples and Champa citadel. The mountain has many gray granite stones with strange shapes like Hon Chuong, Hon Trong, Hang Pagoda, Xeo Quot Cave ... mixed with vegetation and green trees.

Coming to Binh Hai Commune - Binh Son District - Quang Ngai, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery of nature Ganh Yen, a vivid poetic painting and the unique village of 3D Mural in Quang Ngai is painted on the walls and houses. on the landscape of Ganh Yen, Thanh Thuy village, Binh Hai commune, central region and the whole country.

My Thien pottery village is located along Highway 1A, in the territory of Chau O town, Binh Son district. This is a village that developed early (from the beginning of the 17th century), produced many beautiful and sophisticated designs such as: pot, jars, ornamental pots, vases, teapot ... In the 19th century, this place was applied Using yeast fabrication techniques to produce ceramics.

On holidays, many places in the province often organize boat racing, such as in Mo Duc, Son Tinh, Tu Nghia, Nghia Hanh ... In the private boat racing festival, it usually takes place on Co Luy river - Phu Tho. In Binh Son, the boat racing festival took place in Vung Tau bay, the Sa gate needed, on Tra Bong river. In Son Tinh the boat racing festival usually takes place on Tra Khuc River. In Ly Son the boat racing festival takes place in the southwestern coast of the island. Typically there are traditional boat racing associations in two villages An Hai, An Vinh (Ly Son) and Tinh Long (Son Tinh) on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Ca Dam Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Quang Ngai with a height of 1431m. This is one of the beautiful scenes in Quang Ngai that you should visit when traveling to Quang Ngai.

Ba Lang An Cape is also one of the fascinating sights in Quang Ngai to attract tourists to visit. This is a sea hidden with vestiges of ancient crater with a very long life, creating an attraction for tourists.

Whenever referring to Quang Ngai, perhaps the first thing visitors remember is Ly Son island, but Quang Ngai really has many other beautiful scenes that you have not known, one of which is the White Falls, The most spectacular and beautiful waterfall in Quang Ngai that only local people seem to know.

Sa Huynh salt copper has an area of over 110ha, 60km from Quang Ngai City to the southernmost of the province. The salt industry here has long been a livelihood for about 600 households and preserved many cultural beauties in labor and production of craft villages.

My Khe Beach is also one of the beautiful scenes in Quang Ngai located in Co Luy hamlet, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province. The beach attracts many visitors to admire the wild beauty and glamor here.

Thien An Mountain is also a famous backpacker site in Quang Ngai that young people love. This mountain is only about 4km away from Quang Ngai city center, you just need to stand on the top of the mountain to see the whole Quang Ngai panorama from above and the best time to travel to Thien An mountain is the sun grow or sunset.

Quang Ngai and Sa Huynh beautiful landscapes deserve to "note" the list of beautiful places in Quang Ngai. The sea is located in the southern province of Quang Ngai in Duc Pho district, you can travel by many means, take about 1 hour and 30 minutes from the center of Quang Ngai city.

Ly Son Island is one of the attractions that you cannot ignore when coming to Quang Ngai. Previously the island had another name, Cu Lao Re. Island which is the crater has turned off, sticking with people for a long time

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